How to reach us

Our GPS coordinates are:
North 38.6384° – East 15.83408°
The Costa Verde village of Ricadi (VV) is located between Tropea and Capo Vaticano, on the Tyrrhenian coast of Calabria, 70 km south of Lamezia Terme, 45 km south-west of Vibo Valentia, 90 km north of Reggio Calabria, about 50 Km south of Pizzo Calabro and 8 south of Tropea.
It can be reached by car, by train (Ricadi station 1.4 km) or by plane (70 km from Lamezia Terme or Reggio to 90 km).
In cars, caravans and campers from NORTH
Exit the free “A3” (Sa-Rc) motorway at Vibo-S.Onofrio. After about 5 km, at the entrance of Vibo Valentia (traffic light and flowerbeds with palmettes and police school), turn right on the panoramic (downhill alley with pines and sea in the distance on the right). At the end of the overview DO NOT TURN right to Tropea-Vibo Marina but left to Ricadi-Capo Vaticano and then, after 80 meters, in front of the hospital, immediately right into Viale Kennedy. At the end of the avenue, turn right and after about 150 meters. to the left. When you reach the garden with pine trees and children’s games in front of the church, turn right again and continue.
After passing the city continue for about 6 kilometers towards Reggio Calabria and, at the airport / barracks of the Carabinieri (recognizable by the high fencing gate and the traffic light), turn right to Tropea-Ricadi-Capo Vaticano. At the crossroads of Zungri (Costa Verde sign), DO NOT CONTINUE FOR TROPEA but turn left for Spilinga, Panaia, Ricadi, Capo Vaticano, S.Nicolò (brown arrow Costa Verde) then going straight on to Tropea. A hundred meters after the level crossing, following the signs, turn left and proceed for about 600 meters, then right towards the sea on our private road.
In cars, caravans and campers from SOUTH
Exit the A3 (SA-RC) motorway at Rosarno, turn right and continue to the town (NOT IN DIRECTION OF VIBO VALENTIA MA DI TROPEA). From here, always in the direction of Tropea, continue to Nicotera, Joppolo, Coccorino and Panaja and then turn left to reach Ricadi and S. Nicolò from where you must then continue, according to our brown tourist signs, towards Tropea .
100meters after the level crossing, turn left and, still following our signage, after about 600 meters turn right onto our private road.
On the train
Book possibly a train that passes for Tropea-Ricadi and in this case go down to Ricadi (the village-camping is about 1,400 meters). Our reserved Clients can inform their arrival (tel +39 0963/663090) that they will send a car
Going down to “Lamezia Terme” you will have to take a taxi, however, negotiating the cost … or a train connection to Tropea and get off at Ricadi (two stops in Tropea).
By Plane
Arrival at Lamezia Terme airport or Reggio Calabria airport